We use the cost-plus pricing method. This allows us to balance the interests of all three parties to the translation process: clients, vendors, and our agency. It helps us motivate our vendors, maintain a high quality/cost ratio, pay our indirect costs, and earn a reasonable profit.

Vendor reimbursement

A good job should be well compensated. In general, we pay our translators no less than $0.10 per English word. The actual rates may be slightly higher or lower depending on the specifics of the source language. If the project is urgent, the translator’s rate is increased proportionately.

Fixed gross margin ratio

We want your money to work for you. No less than 70% of what you pay us will be spent on costs directly related to your project. Our gross margin will never exceed 30%. First, we calculate the costs directly related to your project, and only then do we add our margin. This makes our quality/cost ratio one of the best in the industry and motivates our translators to invest the time and effort necessary to create translations that are of optimal quality in all respects.

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